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BFI has achieved its current status as the undisputed leader in entertainment business due to the vision of Mr. H. S. Gaur and the entire creative team.

BFI has always been a step ahead to ride the wave of the dynamic changes that are taking place in the Entertainment Industry. Plans are also being formulated to enter various allied areas within the Entertainment business.

Our Vision – To consistently provide EXCEPTIONAL ENTERTAINMENT to bring together people of all ages, caste and creed, with our promise to entertain.

The vision extends itself, from speaking to Indians all over the world, to reaching out to a global multicultural audience.

The vision for the future is to produce around 2 – 3 films a year under the Bharti Films International's production banner – each belonging to a different genre, each with the BFI stamp of quality.

Many miles to go before I not merely a statement but an adage that we at BFI live by. Lots of stories to be told...lots of hidden talent to be discovered...and lots of projects to be done.

Coming soon...