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BHARTI FILMS INTERNATIONAL headed by Mr. H. S. Gaur is a company that is surging ahead in the global entertainment industry.

Founded in 2009 as Bharti Movies International (BMI), a film production house. Under this banner, BMI has produced many successful Hindi and Bhojpuri Audio / Video Albums.

BMI's earlier endeavors includes, Bhai Behan Ka Pyar – Antim Rakhi (2009), Maharshi Bhrigu Ki Mahima (2009), Ab Ta Bhailu Pardhaan (2010), Fit Jeans Wali (2010), Sambhal Aapan Odhaniya (2010), Chandiya No. 1 (2011), Garib Yaar (2011), Shiv Shankar Mere (2011), Jawani Tohar Rail Bhailbe (2011), Sati Maiya Ka Chamatkar (2012), Rajdhani Hilawelly (2012).

From May 2012, the company officially adopted the name - Bharti Films International (BFI).

It's latest project "FALCON – Get Ready To Fly High… Singing & Dancing Competition" got a huge success.

Bharti Films International has branched itself into other spheres of production, with numerous projects including music videos, sports films and further independent movies. They are currently active in several areas of film including feature documentaries, short films and Hindi & Bhojpuri audio / video albums.

With global entertainment conglomerates evincing keen interest, Bharti Films International is all set to blitzkrieg the world of entertainment.

BFI's reputation as a clean, honest company grew with each of these projects and helped build a tremendous amount of goodwill within the fraternity and outside of it.

The entertainment industry of the world has contributed many talents – each brilliant in its own creative field. Very few, however, have enjoyed consistency in their creative endeavours and even fewer have managed to create an organization that has become an integral part of the entertainment business in India. BFI (Bharti Films International) has merited this unique distinction.

BFI has been associated with producing various successful music albums and also markets and distributes its own Music through it its own Label – BFI Music.

BFI has also forayed in to production of music videos, and documentaries – with its enviable creative team always at the fore.


Mr. Gaur and the entire team are both committed to discover and groom talent in various aspects of filmmaking for the future. BFI already has around 15 projects to its credit and has major growth plans for the future. The enviable catalogue of projects continues to yield higher returns for the company and with passing years becomes more and more valuable. Having successfully made many audio / video albums, an ongoing expansion in this field continues.

The creative team at BFI specializes in making documentaries of archival film material.

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